His Naughty Little Girl is So Sweet

His Naughty Little Girl is So Sweet

452 Chapters Ongoing Status


Jiang Lingzhi heard that the new transfer student was a hidden boss, and even the boss of the vocational school next door bowed down to him. Accidentally, she became desk mates with the boss. Jiang Lingzhi was petrified, for fear that the boss would beat her up if he was upset. The boss forgot to bring his pen for the exam, and knocked on her table languidly, “Desk mate, lend me a pen.” Jiang Lingzhi was terrified and lent it to him. The boss forgot to bring his notebook for homework, “Desk mate, lend me your notebook.” Jiang Lingzhi was horrified, so she lent again. The boss forgot to bring his textbook for lessons, so he pulled her textbook over naturally, “Desk mate, let me look at your textbook.” Jiang Lingzhi endured him and lent him yet again. Finally one day, when there was nothing more to borrow, the boss sighed, and whispered in her ear, “I have everything, but I just lack a girlfriend. Desk mate, when it’s convenient, can you lend yourself to me?” Jiang Lingzhi was speechless.


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