I Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witch

I Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witch

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When Liao Zixuan woke up, he learned that he had been transmigrated into the game, Fallen God.
As he didn’t want to embarrass the Trasmigrator Army, he was ready to work hard to become a legendary boss.
However, things had changed when the small girl was shocked by his appearance. She studied Liao Zixuan for a while before warily reaching out her skinny hand to touch his head, the head of a wolf.
Liao Zixuan did not get transmigrated as a human but became a summoned monster instead.
Yet, that was just a minor problem for him, who was known as the Legendary Player back in his world.
A lot of years had passed since then, and the game was introduced to a Night Empress who had become a mysterious being that terrified kingdoms. She also went by the name of Witch of Destruction, Holy Saintess of Elements, and Commander of the Abyss Fort.
Outside of the game, she was seen by the players as a legendary character who was seen in every corner of the main storyline, a lady who was the dream of every male player.
What no one knew was that behind the Night Empress, Liao Zixuan tended his farm happily.
He looked at the Night Empress, who used to be the small skinny girl, then at the giant cabbages on his farm and grinned.
Look! Both of these are the results of my hard work!


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