Murderous Emperor’s Inconvenient Behavior

Murderous Emperor’s Inconvenient Behavior

살인마 황제님, 이러시면 곤란해요

24 Chapters Ongoing Status


I thought I fell asleep because I was tired, but I actually possessed someone!

The maid of Duke Stanton, “Claire Mcllroy!”

Also, because of a crazy turn of events,

I look like the princess and have to act as her stand-in all the way to the fallen country of Volmo and the Immortal Empire.

Because of this, I fell into a lot of trouble.

The man who said he would kill me three years ago was the ‘Murderous’ Emperor of the Immortal Empire. He kills monsters in cruel ways.

“Don’t get my attention. If we meet again… I will kill you.”

But Eden, who doesn’t seem to remember the past, starts to show Claire a lot of love for no reason.

“I was worried for a long time when you passed out. I even thought about whether or not I should kiss you.”

“You can do anything you want, lady. I’ll just stay still.”

Why did you become so friendly when it doesn’t fit you, you Murderous Emperor?

…You didn’t find out, did you?

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