Stealing The Wind But Not The Moon

Stealing The Wind But Not The Moon


20 Chapters Ongoing Status


In the spring of 1945, Shen Ruozhen, a patriotic banker, secretly sent out the last batch of anti-coins and closed Fuhua Bank.

However, during the safe transfer, his ship was shipwrecked.

As he lost consciousness, he thought he was going to die.

Later, he heard someone talking beside him, reciting a pair of elegiac couplets.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself lying in a 21st century advanced ward.

There was a handsome but indifferent stranger sitting by his bedside.

“Who are you?” Shen Ruozhen asked.

“Don’t you remember me?” the stranger replied.

“I don’t know you,” Shen Ruozhen said.

“Chu Zhichen, it’s no use pretending to have amnesia after such a big accident,” the stranger said.

Shen Ruozhen was confused.

He had never heard of Chu Zhichen before.

But as he looked at the stranger’s face, he felt a sense of familiarity.


The phrase “偷风不偷月” is a Chinese idiom, and its literal translation to English is “Stealing the wind, but not the moon.” This idiom is often used to describe someone who is content with small gains and is not greedy. It implies that a person is satisfied with obtaining just a small advantage or benefit, rather than trying to achieve something much greater.

The phrase also has a more negative connotation. It can be used to describe someone who is deceitful or manipulative.

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