Taming the Abandoned Prince

Taming the Abandoned Prince

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2.2 Chapters Ongoing Status


“Don’t die, Daphne. You were my only salvation.”

The prince, whom I didn’t even know, saved me and then died. In a kingdom destined to fall within a year’s span, I pledged to repay the prince’s kindness. However, the prince, rumored to be a dreadful monster, was determined to hide himself.

“What is this? Your Highness, why are you so handsome?”

“Stop it. Don’t call me cute or adorable!”

However, the prince shrouded in tales of monstrosity revealed himself to be nothing but a bashful and cautious man. Excellent! I thought, determined to coax him and live together happily this time.

“The princess has been assassinated. It’s time for the exiled prince to return to the throne.”

Abruptly, after the demise of the heroine, the prince was to be crowned as the next ruler. As someone who had been by the prince’s side all along, I was bound to become a pawn in the political game.

“Farewell, Your Highness. Be happy.”

“Don’t go, Daphne. You promised to stay by my side. Please…”

“I apologize.”

In order to survive on my own, I had no choice but to escape the kingdom. However, contrary to my memory, the kingdom didn’t fall within a year.

“Did you enjoy your time? Were you happy without me?”

Where did my adorable prince go? Instead, an overwhelming obsessive man stood before me, blocking my path.

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