Jiang Xia Somehow managed to get a record of 0 in the afternoon.

After dinner, he leave the game hall, turn on the motorcycle, and he was relieved. He felt that his IQ, which had been brought to the bottom, had been reset to normal.

... The imagination of the little brothers is too weird. It’s fine to hide from the bomb. Why hide from gold coins?

Until the motorcycle turned on, Jiang Xia couldn't stop thinking about gold coins and bombs.


The motorcycle is speeding down the street.

Halfway through, Jiang Xia's neck itched.

The ghost baby poked him again.

"Huh?" Jiang Xia glanced at it.

The ghost baby pointed doggedly in a certain direction.

As a ghost, it is much more sensitive than Jiang Xia in terms of "detection".

——It sensed the murderous aura that could be eaten.

When Jiang Xia heard "murderous spirit", he thought he had met Gin again. He was suddenly not interested.

There was always a lot of murderous intent wrapped around Gin's body.

But not all can be picked up.

In the afternoon, he had squeezed once. The remaining murderous aura must still be stubborn, and they won't be able to take it away even if they meet it.

But soon, the ghost baby noticed Jiang Xia's thoughts and gave him some supplementary information.

——This time it smells different.

It can be compared to wood and is tasteless.

In other words, is not Gin.

Jiang Xia was stunned.


A year ago, after coming to this world, he spent a lot of time in "Cemetery", "Hospital", "Police Station" and other places.

But no matter whether it is a ghost or a murderous intent, it has never appeared.

Only in the black organization, there is Gin that can barely be counted.


However, in the past few days, suddenly Jiang Xia not only picked up a ghost, but the ghost also said that it detected some murderous intent...

Jiang Xia gradually had a guess when he remembered the plots he had seen when he was a child.

——If there is any difference recently, it is probably that Kudo Shinichi is about to become Conan.

If the existence of ghosts is really related to this "matter non-changeable event".

Then with Conan's awakening, there may be more and more unscientific ghosts and murderous intent in this world.

When Jiang Xia thought of the corpses and murderous intent everywhere in the original book, his eyes became bright again.

...He can finally get more ghosts?


Jiang Xia looked expectantly in the direction of the child ghost and saw a middle school.

When it comes to murderous aura, usually someone is committing a crime.

And when it comes to "middle school" and "committing crimes"...it's hard not to think of Jiang Xia's back desk-mate, Shinichi Kudo.


Facts have proved that Jiang Xia's speculation is quite accurate.

——Time moves forward a little bit.

Just this afternoon, Shinichi Kudo went to the amusement park, where he ran into Gin.

Shinichi Kudo always felt that Gin was not a good person, secretly followed for a while, and then found that Gin and Vodka were blackmailing a chairman.

Shinichi Kudo was surprised, and immediately began to secretly take pictures to collect evidence. Unfortunately, he was knocked unconscious by Gin from behind, and was given a poison specially made by the black organization.

Gin's original intention is to use this poison to kill.

Unexpectedly, after Gin left, the drug effect on Shinichi Kudo failed to kill this stubborn detective but shrunk him down to a primary school student.

The shrunken version of Shinichi Kudo woke up and fled home. At the suggestion of Dr. Agasa, he changed his name to "Conan Edogawa" and went to Mouri's house to stay.

...not entirely because he likes to live with Ran Mouri, but mainly because Ran's father, Kogoro Mouri, opened a detective agency.

According to Dr. Agasa's brain circuit, the shrunken version of Shinichi Kudo needs to:

Use his excellent reasoning ability to help Kogoro Mouri become a famous detective↓

'Famous Detective' Kogoro Mouri participates in high-profile cases↓

Through those cases, get in touch with 'the man in black' organization ↓

Obtained a sample of the drug that made him smaller from the man in black ↓

Dr. Agasa, a leading inventor in black technology, developed the antidote ↓

Conan turned back into Shinichi Kudo ↓

Reported illegal organizations in the name of a detective, and caught them all.


Shinichi Kudo, or "Conan". After listening to these suggestions, he reluctantly agree that the doctor had a good point, and obediently moved to Mouri's house.

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