Time back to the present.

At the entrance of the same middle school.

Jiang Xia also recalled the plot and thought of this kidnapping case.

He turned the nose of the car to change course. The motorcycle roared all the way, and it came around to the front gate of the "Murderous" Middle School.

Stopping to take a look, I saw "Futatsubashi Middle School" on the sign hanging at the gate.

Jiang Xia: "..." Sure enough.

The kidnapped rich second-generation is hiding in a warehouse at this school.

The kidnapped little girl looks cute at first glance, but in fact she is surprisingly bearish (super naughty).

——She thought her father was too addicted to work and would not play with her, so she planned to "kidnap" herself and asked her father to take a holiday for a month.

However, just as the little girl had arranged everything and was sitting smugly waiting for her father to agree to her conditions.

A real kidnapper passed by quietly.

When the kidnapper saw the little girl sitting alone at the table and took her away.

After the rich man who lost his child called a detective, Conan quickly saw through the whole thing.

He deduced where the kidnappers and the little girl were, rode the rich man's dog, and ran all the way to Futatsubashi Middle School, trying to be a hero to save the beauty.

However, Conan overestimated his force value.

Not only did he fail to save the little girl, but he was also severely beaten by the kidnappers.

The innocent dogs were also implicated.


At the school gate.

Jiang Xia parked the motorcycle, looked at the signboard of "Futatsubashi Middle School" in front of him, recalled the things related to Shinichi Kudo, and felt more and more that the murderous aura that the child ghost smelled was emanating from the kidnapper.

Just now, Jiang Xia suddenly turned a corner while riding. So the younger brothers behind him also clattered and all followed.

If the skill is good, just follow Jiang Xia directly.

If you are not very good at it, put safety first - rush out for a while, and turn back as if nothing happened.

At this time, the younger brothers stopped beside Jiang Xia and looked at the school gate with him, feeling a little puzzled.

Just about to ask about the situation, suddenly heard Jiang Xia question: "Do you want to play something exciting?"

The others were stunned and excited: "Okay!"

They are very confident in the boss's ability to innovate - the boss can always come up with some new ways to play, such as the 0-point challenge this afternoon.

The blond boy looked at the closed gate of the school, tied a "root" bandage on his forehead, and asked excitedly: "What are you playing?"

Jiang Xia buckled his helmet, and smiled faintly: "The dragon saves the princess."


Before other people figured out the meaning of this sentence, Jiang Xia suddenly press the accelerator.

The motorcycle rushed out with a roar, ran over a stone brick, and in the shocked eyes of the school guard, jumped over the sliding gate, and fell into the schoolyard. Afterwards, Jiang Xia drove away with the motorcycle and disappeared into the night.

The blond boy and a few others came back to their senses, turned off the accelerator in the same way, and chased after him one after another.

The rest of the younger brothers hesitated for a moment, felt that the boss's operation is not easy to copy, if you don't pay attention, you might fall into a fool.

——If it was a year before, in order not to lose face, they would definitely bite the bullet.

But now, they keep in mind the teaching of the boss that "no matter what you do, to pursue accomplishment with an art [without injury]."

So, after staring at each other for a moment, several of them turned their heads to look at the school guard at the same time and surrounded them quietly.

The guard on duty is in the security room.

At this time, through the window, he was looking at the scene like a zombie siege outside, and a drop of cold sweat slowly slipped from the corner of his forehead.

A second later, the guard stood up and slapped the table heavily...

and pressed the switch.

The electronic sliding door of the school creaked and slowly slid open.

At the school gate, the boys nodded in satisfaction.

If one road fails, just change to another, the result will be the same, and the efficiency will be higher.

What the boss said is indeed true!


At the same time.

In the abandoned warehouse of Futatsubashi Middle School.

Conan rode the dog and arrived at the scene in time.

The dog rushed up and bit the kidnapper. Conan walked up to the little girl and assured her: "Don't be afraid, it's all right."

Before he finished his sentence, the poor dog was beaten up by the kidnapper with a stick and couldn't get up again.

Conan can only fight by himself.

However, obviously, his fighting power is not as good as a dog's.

After hiding a few times, Conan was caught by the kidnappers and was caught and received a combo.

After the nth time being hit, with the little girl's anxious cry of "Conan!", Conan was thrown like a small sack and hit the dog.

The dog with its head full of bumps was already about to wake up.

After being hit by Conan, it raised its paws "Ouch!" and fell into a coma again.

Conan got up, squeezed the dog's paw in grief and anger, and look at his loyal comrade who fell to the ground.

Then he raised his head again and looked at the approaching kidnapper.

It wasn't until this moment that Conan really realized that he was no longer that famous high school student detective whose combat power was about equal to 1.5 passers-by.

Now, any passer-by can hit him.

Conan looked desperately at the murderous kidnapper, feeling a little regretful.

If he hadn't rushed to come directly but bring a car full of adults...


In front of him, the kidnapper approached with a smirk, and the bloody club rubbed the ground with a string of sparks.

Under Conan's unreconciled gaze, he raised his club high, intending to give the final blow.

At this time, a beam of light suddenly shot from outside the window, penetrated the stained glass, and illuminated the abandoned warehouse.

Startled the kidnapper jerked his head around to look at the light source. Just to see a spot of light zooming in on the window from far to near.

The window was smashed open with a bang.

A motorcycle flew in arrogantly, and the tyre was aimed at the kidnapper's face and ran over.

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