The child ghost caught the murderous aura of the kidnapper and diligently rolled them into a small ball.

Jiang Xia looked at the progress, and was surprised to find that there was still a small part of murderous intent on the kidnapper's body—this seemed to be a new murderous aura aimed at him.

So Jiang Xia picked up the club and continued to beat the kidnapper.

The boys at the door of the warehouse were curious about what Jiang Xia meant when he said "the dragon saves the princess".

At this time, they looked inside the warehouse, and they found that besides their own boss, there was also 【beaten boy with bloody head × 1】【little girl who was firmly tied up × 1】【dying dog × 1】【A man with a mean face which is being beaten by their boss × 1】

... Because everyone is from the world of Ke Xue.

Looking around, and then thinking about the standard kidnapping location of an "abandoned warehouse", they immediately guessed the real situation.

The little brothers sneered at the kidnapper who bullied the children, rolled up their sleeves, and also wanted to go over and beat him.

However, seeing Jiang Xia standing next to the kidnapper who couldn't get up, happily beating him with a club, they were a little hesitant.

...It's better to not disturb the boss's interest.


The little girl behind was already dumbstruck.

At first, she was happy looking at the kidnapper who was being beaten and rolled around.

Later, her eyes turned upward inadvertently, and saw Jiang Xia's face, she immediately stay frozen.


A little further to the side, Conan slowly got up from the floor.

He was knocked dizzy by the kidnapper just now.

At this moment, when he came back to his senses, he saw the miserable kidnapper in front of him, as if he was going to be killed in the next second, and he was shocked.

When he came back to his senses, Conan quickly ran to Jiang Xia's side, trying to stop him.

But when he got close, he realized that he was not tall enough to reach Jiang Xia's arm at all.

So he had no choice but to desperately hug Jiang Xia's leg, trying to pull back: "Stop, it's a crime to hit again!"

Jiang Xia paused slightly with his raised hand and looked down at him.

The kidnapper took advantage of the chaos to crawl far away.

Conan breathed a sigh of relief.

However, before he was completely relieved, Jiang Xia walked towards the kidnapper who was getting up without any hindrance, looking at him like a target-doll and raising his hand to hit again.


The kidnapper blurted out a curse and fell back to the ground.

Throughout the whole process, Conan failed to play any role.

It was as if the thing hanging on Jiang Xia's leg was not a person, but a light feather pendant.

Conan: "..."

Only when you lose weight can you realize the preciousness of your weight.

... He'll never forgive those two bastards in black who turned him into a primary school student!


Jiang Xia is not worried that he will beat someone to death.

There are many unique laws in the Ke Xue world.

The Aboriginal people here may not realize it. But Jiang Xia, as a half-bystander, saw it quite clearly.

For example, in this world, when you do the right thing, you don't have to worry about killing people, and you won't be convicted of being over-defensive.

——Even if the head of the gangster is kicked crookedly, and the teeth are also being kicked e. Once the police arrived, he could also come back to life.

Even if the gangster's head is kicked off, teeth kicked out of frame. Once the police arrived, he would also come back to life.

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