The Corpse Collector In Conan

Chapter 15: Your face is quiet thick, huh? (2)

However, after being hit for such a long time, there are still some murderous auras that cannot be picked... Maybe, it is really necessary to change the method.

Jiang Xia thought for a while, then stopped.

Seeing this, Conan secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

But in the middle, he held his breath.

——He saw Jiang Xia raise his hand.

Not long after, the younger brothers at the door ran over excitedly, surrounded the kidnapper, and beat him up.

Conan: "...?"

That, instigating, will increase the punishment.

He looked at the youngster who couldn't be pulled away by him, his eyes went blank. The already painful head suddenly became more painful because of distress.

Conan: "..."

Although he had heard that Jiang Xia often hangs out with delinquents, he really didn't expect it to be this kind of group.

...the neighbor has become outgoing in odd places.

But... If this goes on like this, are you sure no one's gonna die??


Jiang Xia stood idly next to the kidnapper, observing the progress of the murderous intent.

There is a huge difference between being beaten by one person and being beaten around by a group of people.

It wasn't long before the kidnappers lost all will to fight.

Not to mention murderous intent, now the kidnapper just wants to find a hole to hide.

The child ghost successfully caught off the last ray of murderous aura, hugged it and ran back to Jiang Xia's feet, the whole ghost was filled with the joy of harvest.

Jiang Xia took out the cigarette case with the menthol in it and tore the sealed package.

The murderous aura was soon absorbed, gradually filling up half of the cigarette.

The child ghost climbed onto Jiang Xia's shoulders, rubbed his hands expectantly, and looked at the cigarette case.

As expected, Jiang Xia lived up to the ghost's hope and took one out and lit it.

As the smoke rose, Jiang Xia glanced at the child ghost eating it so deliciously and was about to try it himself.

Suddenly, a faint sentence was heard from his feet: "The law stipulates that smoking is prohibited if you are under 20."

Jiang Xia: "..."

He lowered his head and saw Conan.

If this person didn't make a sound, Jiang Xia almost forgot that there was still a leg pendant on his body.

After a moment of silence, Jiang Xia grabbed Conan by the collar, trying to pull him away: "Remove your hand, you are covered in dirt."

Seeing that Jiang Xia finally noticed him, Conan immediately hugged him even tighter: "You have to stop them first!"

After thinking about it, he felt that his tone was too blunt, not like begging for help.

So he dryly added another sentence: "...please."

Jiang Xia looked thoughtfully and glanced at the kidnapper who was still being beaten on the ground.

Now that the murderous aura had been obtained, it could indeed be stopped.

He whistled towards the crowd, and the younger brothers gave him some face, stopped their hands in time, and took a step back in unison...

The main reason is that the kidnapper was already frightened, and he was like a sandbag throughout the whole process. So, he stood still without any resistance.

Seeing this, Conan finally breathed a sigh of relief smoothly.

He stopped touching and sat down on the ground, turned his head to observe the hapless kidnapper.

It was a little relieving to find that although the kidnapper had a bruised nose and swollen face, he was still conscious and breathing.

It was good, they didn't beat him to death on the spot...

After Jiang Xia settled the ration issue, he suddenly remembered that there was a little girl tied up next to him.

He went to check the knot and found that it was a dead knot. He was lazy to untie the rope, so he pressed the cigarette butt against it.

The rope was scalded to create a gap in the knot, Jiang Xia reached out to tear it and threw it away.

The little girl stared blankly at Jiang Xia through the lingering smoke, feeling that this hero who had fallen from the sky was more handsome than all the posters in her cousin's house combined.

The cigarette in his hand is not as choking as Dad's pipe but has the fragrance of an unknown plant...

The little girl thought of the TV series she had watched before, and pink bubbles began to pop from the top of her head.

She hesitated for a while and spoke: "Big brother..."


Jiang Xia turned his head, and saw a tender little face, which kept getting closer in front of his eyes: "..."

The little girl shyly closed her eyes, moved her lips together, and kissed.

...a baseball bat.

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