21: LET GO (PART 1)

Jiang Xia stepped into the dark exhibition hall, walked through a group of strange sculptures, and walked to the deepest part.

The smell of blood was getting heavier.

At the end of the room, look to the left and there was a huge oil painting hanging on the wall. In the painting, a demon was nailed to death on a cliff by a knight with a sword.

Looking to the right, there was a fat middle-aged man hanging on the wall. He was nailed to the wall in a "devil-like posture". Blood was splashed all over the wall. The blood flowed down the wall, and underneath already gathered a pool of blood.

Jiang Xia glanced at the middle-aged man's body and quickly saw something on his calf.

There was a fresh soul up there. Palm-sized, like a Shikigami, cut out of a piece of white paper.

Jiang Xia just saw a similar one in the morning, but he didn't expect to go out for a walk in the afternoon and then saw another one.


In the classification of psychics, some souls would dissipate immediately after death, and some with extraordinary talents could become ghosts.

There was another case, somewhere in between.

——This kind of paper Shikigami-like thing.

Ghosts usually had relatively strong self-awareness, and they also remember some of the things they did before they were alive. They were the most difficult to abduct, but they were also the most useful.

And this kind of Shikigami in front of him... didn't have much consciousness, only their obsession was particularly heavy.

Most of them were acting on instinct.

After being generated, some would grab their own corpse nearby, while others will float toward the murderer and grab the murderer's leg.

Although the child ghost's eyesight had been borrowed, other senses were still there.

It sensed the murderous aura, couldn't hold back, and stretched out its small hand, trying to pull it off and bring it to Jiang Xia.


After a few steps, Jiang Xia waited and watched.

Then he saw the Shikigami, although trembling because of the child ghost's approach, he still hugged the corpse tightly.

As soon as it exerted force, the Shikigami accidentally made a little wrinkle on the clothes.

It stayed there, let go of its hand, and secretly ironed the wrinkled place.

Looking at this scene, Jiang Xia sighed inwardly.

...Sure enough, it couldn't be torn off violently.

Still had to go through the process, send the murderer away first, let the soul get rid of its obsession, and fall off the murderer's lap by itself.


As a "prophet", Jiang Xia certainly remembered this case in the exhibition hall.

——The reason was that the owner of the exhibition hall went bankrupt, so he packaged and sold the exhibition hall to the owner Zhenzhong.

And the real boss was the unlucky uncle nailed to the wall in front of Jiang Xia.

——He died after buying the exhibition hall, thinking that art was scrap metal, and wanted to convert the exhibition hall into a restaurant.

The curator Ochiai, who was in charge of managing this pavilion, had worked here for decades. After he learned of the situation, he was very angry and became murderous toward his new boss.

So this afternoon, curator Ochiai wore a faceless knight armour and waited in this hell exhibition hall.

He invited the boss over, and then nailed him to the wall.

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