The Corpse Collector In Conan

Chapter 21: Let Go (3)

Jiang Xia walked out of the exhibition hall from the darkness, leaned against the door, looked at Ran Mouri and Sonoko Suzuki who was trembling and hugging each other, and was a little puzzled: "...Are you cold?"

"No, no." Ran Mouri saw Jiang Xia let out a sigh of relief, both disappointed and thankful.

Disappointed not to encounter a ghost.

Fortunately... well, they didn't meet any ghosts.

Next to her, Sonoko Suzuki's mental journey was completely different from hers.

"Jiang Xia?" She skipped the stage of disappointment, doubled her joy directly, and greeted the handsome young man in front of her enthusiastically, "You also want to see that knight in armour?"

As she spoke, she pointed to the darkness behind Jiang Xia: "Is it in this exhibition hall?"

Although, Suzuki Sonoko had basically determined that in order to get Jiang Xia, she needed an SSS-level strategy after various previous attempts.

But this did not prevent her from liking to look at his handsome face.

For a senior Yan dog, as long as Jiang Xia appeared in front of her, Sonoko Suzuki's mood would soar like a steroid.

And it was very practical to look at it a few more times and it also help her from being scared...

She also wanted to show Ran Mouri the exhibition hall.

With Jiang Xia right there, the effect of emboldening her courage must be much better than that of Conan.


However, the two girls only took a step, but they were blocked by Conan in front of their legs.

The two lowered their heads in doubt and found that the child's eyes were somewhat complicated.

Conan looked at Jiang Xia with a solemn expression: "...Why is there blood on your shoes?"

The others were startled, and all looked down at Jiang Xia's shoes.

Including Jiang Xia himself.

Jiang Xia was wearing a pair of black sneakers today. The uppers were clean, with only a little dust on the edges.

Sonoko Suzuki and Ran Mouri breathed a sigh of relief, suspecting that this was a prank by the bear kid.

However, at this time, seeing the opposite, Jiang Xia lowered his head and glanced at the ground, suddenly, as if remembering something, he took a half step back.

As soon as he took his foot away, there was a bloody shoeprint on the place he stepped on just now.

"Ah." Jiang Xia was a little embarrassed, he simply took another step back, returned to the carpeted exhibition hall, and said slightly apologetically, "I didn't notice, I stepped on it."

Then, he took out a handkerchief and squatted down, It seemed that he wanted to wipe off the bloodstains on the ground.

Conan: "..."

He rushed over to stop Jiang Xia, and stopped what looked like "destruction of evidence":

"Where did this blood come from?!"

Conan had strong observation skills and was short in stature.

As soon as Jiang Xia approached just now, he found that the carpet Jiang Xia stepped on had a subtle difference in color.

After confirming that it was blood because he had seen similar things before, at first, Conan suspected that the neighbour was hiding and cutting himself again.

However, after a closer look, he found that Jiang Xia looked good and moved normally, and there were no strange wet marks on the black wristband on his left hand.


However, judging from Jiang Xia's stepping on the carpet all the way here, there was still a little blood on the shoes...

The blood he stepped on just now was definitely a lot...It was very likely that someone died here!


Unlike Conan, Ran Mouri and Sonoko Suzuki were not so observant, and it was a blessing in disguise, but they were not scared.

They just thought that Jiang Xia accidentally stepped on the red paint left by the staff - after all, this exhibition hall had a "No Entry" sign before, and it was suspected to be under repair.

At this time, seeing Jiang Xia rubbing the "paint", he was stopped by Xiongzi.

They also took out their handkerchiefs and approached, intending to wipe off Jiang Xia's footprints.

When they got closer, they realized that the colour of the footprints really looked like blood.

The two nodded their heads inwardly: Well, as expected of the Hell Exhibition Hall, the paint used was so unique...

Sonoko Suzuki asked curiously while rubbing: "What did you step on? Paint? Pigment?"

Jiang Xia apologized: " A pool of blood."

"Oh, blood..." Sonoko Suzuki paused, and suddenly raised her voice, "A pool of blood?!!"

She raised her head in shock.

They saw Jiang Xia squatting on the edge of the scarlet carpet, while watching him wipe his shoes on the floor carpet, he raised his hand and pointed into the exhibition hall: "Someone died and was nailed to the wall, you..."

Jiang Xia just wanted to say, "You better Don't go in, it's kind of scary."

Before he finished speaking, Conan rushed into the exhibition hall from beside him.

At the same time, Conan pressed on his wrist and turned on the flashlight attached to his watch.

——The first batch of equipment the Doctor made for him had arrived.

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