After Jiang Xia checked the video, he put the camera aside and sent a message to Yoko Okino.

Yoko Okino was a dedicated star who didn't bring her cell phone to work. So it would probably take a while to see.

So Jiang Xia looked at Yuko Ikezawa, who was lying beside him while waiting for her.

Usually, he knew well about hacking people with a knife, and he could even estimate how long the other party would faint.

But what happened just now was purely a conditioned reflex after being shocked by her. So, Jiang Xia was not sure about his force.

In other words, Yuko Ikezawa might wake up at any time.

...Although her combat power was weak, it was troublesome if she awakened.

Jiang Xia thought for a while, picked up the scarf dropped by Yuko Ikezawa, and used it to tie her hand.

After that, he found another napkin and covered Yuko Ikezawa's face.

Jiang Xia didn't want Yuko Ikezawa to see his face, so he was wearing a mask until now.

But it was stifling to cover the face with a mask all the time indoors.

Anyway, people were unconscious now. So why didn't you just put a piece of cloth on Yuko Ikezawa's face to block her sight?

Got the job done.

Jiang Xia created a cozy place for himself, sat on the sofa again, and waited for Yoko Okino to return.


She would be home soon.

After entering the door and saying hello to Jiang Xia, Yoko Okino remembered that Jiang Xia had waited for a long time. So she planned to make a cup of tea, get something to eat for Jiang Xia, and then slowly ask about the situation.

When passing by the sofa, Yoko Okino moved her eyes and accidentally caught a glimpse of the humanoid creature on the couch.

She froze. The relieved expression also shattered.

——On the sofa lay the "captured stalker."

Unlike the "terrifying idiot" imagined by Yoko Okino, judging from the stalker's dress and figure, she seemed to be a fashionably dressed woman.

However, at this time, the woman's clothes were full of folds, and it looked like she had been beaten mercilessly and lay motionless.

In particular, there was a white cloth covering her face.


Yoko Okino's heart just let go and instantly re-suspended in the air.

Looking at this, this stalker is probably dead.

It's good for young people to be dedicated to their work, but why, how could they still kill people...


Jiang Xia saw Yoko Okino turn back, walked to the coffee table, and picked up the camera he was about to hand her for her to watch.

Who knew that when she turned around, he saw Yoko Okino looking at him with sorrowful eyes and saying: "You go. I will not tell them that I have seen you."

Jiang Xia: "...?"

What do you mean, throw him away after using?

Yoko Okino didn't notice the change in Jiang Xia's eyes.

She quickly took out her purse and pulled out all the cash.

Seeing the money, perhaps feeling too little, she took out the checkbook and pen.

Yoko Okino was about to write some "fleeing funds" to Jiang Xia but suddenly stopped thoughtfully and muttered:

"No, now it is stipulated that you should be 20 years old to be sentenced, and you are just a teenager. And today's incident it was the stalker who entered the house illegally. Also, I hired you, and you took... a bit extreme measures against her. So rather than running away, it's better..."

Yoko Okino frowned, trying to come up with the best reason and sincerely hate herself for not studying literature seriously back then. "Wait." Jiang Xia vaguely understood. After a moment of silence, he pointed to Yuko Ikezawa on the sofa, "She's not dead yet."

Yoko Okino: "?!"

she sat on the sofa and carefully touched the neck of the "corpse."

……warm, and there was a pulse.


Yoko Okino heaved a sigh of relief, fell into the sofa with no strength, and startled the "corpse."

Finding that she did not push the minors into the abyss of murder, Yoko Okino's conscience no longer hurts, so she had the energy to pay attention to more details.

For example, if observed closely, she had seen the stalker's outfit.

 ...seemed to be that fierce-tempered colleague.

Jiang Xia sat beside her and said, "This person is Yuko Ikezawa; you should know her." Then, he handed the camera, "Look at this. I captured something handy."

Yoko Okino took it and watched carefully.

At first, the video was a little scary. Because Yoko Okino looked at Yuko Ikezawa, who was in the video with a hideous expression and blood, and her scalp was numb.

However, by the end, her eyes had become a little sympathetic.

——It's too pitiful; Yuko Ikezawa was too pitiful.

...but she must say, well done.


After watching the video, Yoko Okino put down the camera, filled out the check at twice the market value of the commission fee, and gave it to Jiang Xia: "Thank you, you are a big help."

Jiang Xia didn't refuse, but, to be honest, what he wanted was the other rewards.

Jiang Xia glanced at Yoko Okino's wrist.

The child ghost was hanging there shivered silently, squirming a little closer to Yoko Okino, hugging her arm tightly.

Jiang Xia tutted in his heart, temporarily withdrawing his eyes from the ghost, took out the videotape, and handed it to Yoko Okino.

If this thing was sold to Yuko Ikezawa's company or its opponent, it could get several times the income.

But this was quite troublesome, and Jiang Xia didn't want to explore it. And he was not short of money - there was occasional income from the organization; in addition, Jiang Xia Tongzhi's parents also left a considerable inheritance.

Yoko Okino looked at the videotape handed over by Jiang Xia and massaged her head. And suddenly realized that although she tried hard to raise the price, she still gave less--the manager had always dealt with this kind of thing, and she was rarely needed.

Thinking about the possible value of this video, Yoko Okino picked up the checkbook again. She seriously consulted the fake paparazzi in front of her: "I can't take it for free. What price do you usually sell this kind of news?"

"You have already paid the commission fee, right? So it's worth it." Jiang Xia didn't care much about money; he only wanted ghosts, "Don't worry, this is the information I got during the process of handling your entrustment, it's part of the entrustment, and I won't sell it to a second company. How you use it is up to you."

Once again, Yoko Okino was moved.

——She didn't read the wrong person; he was indeed a good boy who could be saved!

However, the additional money must still be given.

Jiang Xia refused to speak further, and Yoko Okino planned to ask her manager.

By the way, she asked her manager to come over and help deal with the stalker.

When Yoko Okino was talking on the phone.

Beside him, Jiang Xia took a tablet-sized self-made screen from his bag, with several surveillance images connected.

He clicked on one of them, zoomed in, and looked at it, and there was a little expectation in his eyes.


After Yoko Okino called her manager, she suddenly remembered it was lunchtime.

Thinking of how long Jiang Xia had been lingering nearby to catch a stalker, Yoko Okino got up in a hurry: "You haven't eaten yet; I'll go make you something to eat."

Jiang Xia looked at the door: "Don't rush to eat, There is one more person."

"More?" Yoko Okino was still smiling.

After a second, she suddenly realized that "there is one more person" refers to a stalker, and her face turned pale: "There is one more?!"

Jiang Xia nodded: "Well, yes..."

He just wanted to say, "It is a fat man," so Yoko Okino could guess it was her ex-boyfriend and prepare herself in advance.

But then, Jiang Xia's eyes moved and found: Yuko's head, very slightly tilted towards him.

...It's like a subconscious action of "listening" when hearing gossip.

Jiang Xia silently stared at Yuko Ikezawa and the clothes on her face: "..." 

Yuko Ikezawa's psychological quality was incredible. I still want to pretend to sleep and listen to gossip in this situation.

He stopped talking, got up, and walked towards Yuko Ikezawa.

Yuko Ikezawa was still trying to eavesdrop with her ears open.

At this time, when she heard Jiang Xia's footsteps, and he suddenly stopped talking, she panicked, suddenly realized that the situation was not good, and tried to shrink back on the sofa.

However, this level of escape has no effect.

Jiang Xia went down with the knife in one hand, and Yuko Ikezawa felt pain in her neck. Then faint again.

Jiang Xia retracted his hand with satisfaction.

This time, he did it professionally and could estimate how long Yuko Ikezawa would faint.

Finally, there was no need to guard against her waking up.


Yoko Okino watched the whole thing in a daze.

At first, she was also frightened by the existence of the "second stalker," and her face turned pale.

But, seeing Jiang Xia's neat movements, she suddenly felt that the stalkers were nothing.


Yoko Okino calmed down and looked at Jiang Xia, wanting to continue to hear his investigation just now.

However, Jiang Xia stopped speaking.

He made a "silent" gesture towards Yoko Okino and walked silently to the entrance.

When he got to the door, Jiang Xia stood behind the door and heard something. Then, suddenly, he opened the door.

Across the door, a fat man was also lying on the door eavesdropping.

Because Jiang Xia suddenly opened the door, it made the fat man staggered forward without support.

Before he could regain his senses, Jiang Xia grabbed the stalker's neckline again and threw him into the room.

After Jiang Xia finished throwing, then he turned around, closed the door, and locked it with a click. He was nodding with satisfaction.

——Stalker No. 2 was captured successfully.


Stalker No. 2 was stunned by that blow. He lay on the ground baring his teeth, looking at the ceiling lamp in the room of Yoko Okino's house, unable to sit up for a long time.

Jiang Xia locked the door, turned around, and kicked him as a sign of hurry, but found that Stalker Two had no intention of getting up.

So Jiang Xia had no choice but to bend over and grab the fat man's neckline, dragging him to the living room with a little effort. Put him in front of Yoko Okino—mainly The Child Ghost.

As expected, the child ghost got up and seemed to scold Jiang Xia—probably because it was very unhappy when it saw his father being dragged.

After scolding, it held Yoko Okino's arm tightly and looked at her eagerly, hoping that his mother would condemn the savage paparazzi in front and let him see their deep love.

However, things were quite different from what the child ghost thought.

Yoko Okino looked at the man under her feet with fear, disgust, sadness, and an indescribable hatred in her eyes.

Stalker No. 2 looked at her with a look of "reconciliation" while screaming, "Yoko!" he raised his hand to her.

Yoko Okino was shocked and subconsciously hid behind Jiang Xia.

Then she nervously took out her phone and called her Manager to ask when she would be there.

The Manager had already gone downstairs and brought a few bodyguards over.

The Manager got the call and went upstairs anxiously.

After entering the living room, the Manager looked at Jiang Xia and then at the two stalkers who were so miserable. Then, after a moment of hesitation, the bodyguards were left outside the door.

Now, the fewer people know about these things, the better.

...Since Jiang Xia had been involved, why not let him stay and replace the bodyguards?

After all, this ex-boyfriend on the ground was also quite heavy, around 200 to 300 pounds, heavier than she and Yoko combined.

If this bastard gave up his life and wanted to drag them to death, he could kill both of them just by weight.

If Jiang Xia weren't by her side, the Manager wouldn't dare to bring Yoko Okino to meet her ex-boyfriend alone.

A drama with three actors.

Jiang Xia took two steps back, away from the battlefield, and sat on the sofa silently watching.

Through the false "prediction," he learned a lot about stalker no. 2 previous situation, and he accepted the current movement.

But the child ghost couldn't accept it.

Under the gaze of the child ghost, a long entanglement disappeared just like that.

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