The Eloping Female Supporting Character Transmigrates and Changes Her Fate!

The Eloping Female Supporting Character Transmigrates and Changes Her Fate!

40 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Zhou Miao transmigrated into a book. The lead characters led sweet, blissful lives… but regrettably, Zhou Miao was not the female lead! Instead, she was cannon fodder and a side character. Though she married rich as well, she spurned her autistic husband, cheated on him, and eloped! Nonetheless, she was tied to an unknown system the day she transmigrated. It had the ability to observe her husband’s mood, while informing her that the female lead intended to steal her husband from her! Once her defense rating dropped to zero, she would die… and she only had three days to fix that. If she wanted to reclaim what had been taken from her and stay alive, she must farm the happiness rating of her autistic husband. But with her fate tied to another person’s mood, Zhou Miao wondered, ‘Isn’t this life too harsh?’ Making an autistic person happy… How was it different from killing her? At night, she lifted an eyebrow as she watched a huge sad emoji linger over her husband’s head as he sat on the edge of the bed, pouting and holding a teddy bear in his arms. Zhou Miao: Oh, what’s wrong? You’re unhappy? When I’m playing with you while putting my survival on the line?! Still, as he kept throwing a fit, she leaned in with a gentle smile and placed a soft peck on the tip of his ear. “What, you’re not happy? How about another kiss?” A pretty pink appeared over the spot she kissed, and the huge sad emoji turned into a smiling emoji so enormous it almost hit Zhou Miao on the head. Watching her adorable husband and brushing her hair behind her ear, Zhou Miao thought to herself, ‘Elope? Not in this life! I will never get sick of freeloading or my handsome husband!’


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