The Movie Star's Wife Demands a Divorce Every Day

The Movie Star's Wife Demands a Divorce Every Day


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Su Qian and Lu Mingxiu had been married in secret for three years. She was a substitute for his first love, and she played her part without complaining… Until one day, she found out that Lu Mingxiu’s first love was returning to the country. As reality struck her, she managed to hide her feelings as she prepared to get a divorce and disappear. Unexpectedly, Lu Mingxiu got into a car accident on the day they were supposed to sign the divorce papers, and ended up with amnesia. After he lost his memories, he insisted that Su Qian was his first love and refused to get a divorce — he was now crazy about her and would do anything for her… Until one day, Su Qian discovered that he never lost his memories and had been tricking her. Hence, she decided to cut ties with him and focus on her career, while insisting on their divorce. In the end, Lu Mingxiu realized that all his elaborate schemes only resulted in losing his wife, and as he embarked on the great voyage of wife-chasing, he gained an epiphany: Honesty is the best way.


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