The Perfect Bride

The Perfect Bride

완벽한 신붓감

21 Chapters Ongoing Status


Lady Natalie, a typical daughter of a baron, is in her third year of debut in high society.
In other words, if she doesn’t get married this season, she’ll be stamped as a “failed spinster”!
Natalie is determined to find a suitable groom, but instead of marriage, she ends up being scandalized for her secret activities as a “sensual novel” writer.

Three years later,
Natalie attends a peculiar masquerade ball and overhears the prince’s secret plan.
He says to her,

“The more I think about it, the more I realize that there is no woman who could be my bride except for you. What do you think about marrying me?”

Let’s get married and get divorced.

“You must not have met any man like me, either.”

Something must be wrong with the prince.
Natalie thinks the prince is crazy.

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