Chapter 23: The Max Tier of White Grade; Light Green

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“It really works!” Jiang Cheng exclaimed with a smile on his face. Being an Evolver, he often found himself in battles that required him to move around a lot. This made it difficult to avoid tearing his ordinary clothes. However, after fusing a bison hide sheet into a shirt, it would reduce the likelihood of this happening. Additionally, the high-quality clothes he was creating were likely to have some defensive power. They could even protect him in critical moments.

Hence, Jiang Cheng continued to fuse bison hide sheets. However, he failed several times. He thought for a moment and took out two more bison hide sheets, using one as the main body, while the other as the material when he fused them.

This time, he succeeded.

[Bison Hide (White): Tenacity +1]

He tried to combine the enhanced bison hide sheet into the white shirt again.

Then, he succeeded again.

After the bison hide sheet was fused into the shirt, its “tenacity” became part of the shirt’s “toughness” instead of being a stand-along attribute. It could be due to the main body being a different item.

In any case, the quality had increased; the toughness of the shirt had improved a little. As for its weight, the increase was insignificant.

“As expected, the materials must be of better quality for a higher success rate. ”

Jiang Cheng grinned and pulled out a few more regular bison hide sheets to make two bison hide sheets of higher quality. After he succeeded, he fused those two higher-quality bison sheets, wanting to create one sheet with superior quality. The process was smooth and effortless, resulting in the appearance of the prized new hide. Lastly, he fused that sheet into the white shirt, and sure enough, he succeeded effortlessly.

[White Shirt (White): Toughness +3]

The white shirt’s toughness increased three points.

Jiang Cheng didn’t stop there. He continued to use this stacking method. Soon, a bison sheet that had undergone the fusing process thrice was produced, and when he fused it into the white shirt, the Toughness of the shirt increased a little as he had expected.

Jiang Cheng was excited. He wanted to see where the max-tier of White grade was and when the item quality grade would reach Green grade. He wanted to find it out so he could use the same method to improve the quality grade of his Tang Dynasty Sword.

Before this, Yang Kuifeng had claimed that Jiang Cheng could never afford the highest-level alloy knife that could be made by Shelter 17. Those remarks made him feel a bit aggrieved. He then thought, ‘Since I couldn’t afford it, why not I make it myself.’

Although Jiang Nang didn’t know if there was a limit to his fusing skill, he was willing to give it a shot. After all, he had plenty of bison hide sheets with him.

However, things were getting tougher from the fourth fusing process. Even when the materials were of the same grade, the failure rate was high.

Jiang Cheng guessed that the failed attempt might have something to do with his rank level.

However, there was only a chance of failure, not 100 percent failure.

One might think that using so many resources to improve the quality of a white shirt was a wasteful act. But a piece of high-quality clothing could save one’s life at a critical moment. So, instead of keeping those resources, Jiang Cheng fused the bison hide sheets to make more superior-quality bison hide sheets using the stacking method, and then fused them into the white shirt repeatedly.

At the beginning, he had just wanted to test it out.

However, as time went on, the failure rate became higher and higher, making his heart tremble.

“Brother-in-law…” Yaya cried out worriedly when she saw Jiang Cheng’s forehead sweating and his face turning pale.

Tong Xiaorou was also a little worried because they couldn’t see the item attributes. After the white shirt underwent the fusing process, other than looking little more exquisite, it was difficult to see the difference. Therefore, in their eyes, Jiang Cheng was destroying those bison hide sheets repeatedly. They could not understand what he was trying to do.

“Shh, don’t disturb me,” Jiang Cheng said as he looked around warily. After confirming that there was no danger, he continued to fuse superior-quality bison hide sheets using stacking method.

When the white shirt’s toughness reached nine points, more than six hundred bison hide sheets had been consumed. The cost was unbelievable.

Jiang Cheng had stolen just over twelve hundred bison hide sheets from the shelter, but now half of it was gone.

There was simply no way around it. An enhanced bison hide sheet would need two regular bison hide sheets.Then a bison hide sheet of superior quality would need two pieces of enhanced bison hide sheets. In other words, four pieces of ordinary bison hide were needed in total to produce one bison hide sheet that was of superior quality.

This pattern continued upwards where the need for materials would exponentially increase. Coupled with the chance of failure, the cost was extremely high.

However, Jiang Cheng refused to stop now as he had decided to see where the max tier of White grade could be reached. Driven by his desire to succeed, he braced himself and continued to fuse items.

After repeated failed attempts and Jiang Cheng’s heart was trembling, the bison hide sheet that had undergone tenth time fusing process was finally born.

[Bison Hide (Light Green): Stretchiness +1]

“Light Green? Stretchiness?” Jiang Cheng was shocked. He wondered if ten points in a regular attribute was the maximum limit for an item’s quality grade, and whether the item’s quality grade would advance to the next level at the eleventh point. He felt he had figured something out and was confident in his theory.

He thought, ‘So this one point in “Stretchiness” is a special feature?’ With that, he tried to pull the bison hide sheet hard to see how stretchy it was.

But nothing happened.

Jiang Cheng felt awkward, thinking, ‘Luckily, Yaya and Xiaorou have no idea what I’m doing. Otherwise, it would be really awkward.’

Apparently, the quality of the bison hide sheet was so great and Jiang Cheng was not strong enough to make it stretch.

He became even more excited. “I’ll fuse it into my shirt. I hope it’ll work on the first try!”

With a thought, his fusing skill was activated.

“Please work!” Jiang Cheng muttered to himself. If he failed, he felt that he might go crazy because the resources consumed to make that bison hide sheet were exceedingly high. A total of more than three hundred regular bison hide sheets had been consumed to create that bison hide sheet in ten rounds of fusing process.

When Jiang Cheng activated his fusing skill, a white light appeared, growing increasingly bright. Finally, a faint green light emerged within the white light.

Jiang Cheng’s heart skipped a beat.

Then, the green light gradually faded, and the Light-Green-grade bison hide sheet shattered into pieces, as if it had weathered over time. The fragments fell to the ground, forming a thick layer of either shattered or ash-like pieces of hide.

This phenomenon meant success.

Jiang Cheng heaved a huge sigh of relief. He could feel his palms sweating.

This time, the consumption was really too high. Out of the more than a thousand bison hide sheets he had obtained, over nine hundreds of them had been used up, leaving him with only about three hundred.

This showed how fortunate Jiang Cheng had been to obtain the Green-grade campfire from fusing firewood randomly after thirty unsuccessful attempts. However, in the case of random fusing, the resulting products and their quality were unpredictable. The process was similar to playing the lottery, which was completely different from the intentional and targeted fusing method he was currently using.

At this moment, although the successfully fused white shirt was still somewhat soft, it was relatively thick because the fabric had clearly become slightly thicker, feeling like denim fabric. Jiang Cheng thought, ‘As long as the quality is good enough, who cares about the feel? It’s not like I’m a woman.’

And now, the weight of the white shirt was probably about two to three pounds. It would be uncomfortable for an ordinary person to wear it.

Perhaps this had to do with the materials used for fusing, as leather itself was quite heavy.

Jiang Cheng eagerly looked at the white shirt’s attributes.

[White Shirt (Light Green): Automatic Fitting +1]

“Automatic fitting?! ”

He stood up and put on the white shirt excitedly.

Something magical happened. The white shirt automatically shrunk, making him, who still looked somewhat thin and weak, appear even more well-fitted. Not only that, but it was also more comfortable to wear, like a perfectly tailored garment made to his exact measurements using the most scientific method.

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