Chapter 24: Catching Up

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“This is what Automatic Fitting does?! It’s already a unique feature!” Jiang Cheng was excited. He felt that his efforts had not been in vain when he felt the amazing toughness of the Light Green quality white shirt.

Jiang Cheng felt that even a Rank-1 Evolver might not be able to slash through this shirt with a normal sword. He thought excitedly and picked up his Tang Dynasty Sword again. However, after weighing it, he held it back.

The Tang Dynasty Sword already weighed eight kilograms, any heavier and it would negatively affect his combat performance. Moreover, after fusing items for so long, he had grown a bit tired.

He thought to himself, “On the other hand, unlike the fusing skill that depletes my essence, spirit, and soul, the more I use the gathering skill, the more energized I feel.It could be a good way to train and cultivate myself.”

He then wondered about his Evonergy, unsure of what it was or why his special powers did not require it. Perhaps his rank was too low.

“I’ll just have to wait until I am stronger and can handle a heavier version of the Tang Dynasty Sword.”

Jiang Cheng then checked the time and realized it was already afternoon. He immediately said to Tong Xiaorou and Yaya, “Let’s go now.”

He picked up Yaya and continued on his journey with Tong Xiaorou.

At present, he still needed to rely on the Terrawheeler to obtain water resources, so he still had to follow. Unless one day, he could rely on himself to obtain water.

“By the way, are you guys hungry?” Jiang Cheng asked.

“No, no, I’m not hungry.” Tong Xiaorou said hurriedly. She had already eaten three meals today, and she was a little afraid. It was too wasteful. Moreover, because she hadn’t done anything and hadn’t walked much, she really wasn’t hungry.

“I’m is still full, ” Yaya said. “I’m not hungry. ”

“Alright then.” When Jiang Cheng heard this, he took out a piece of roast meat and ate it in big mouthfuls. He then drank a mouthful of water and said to Tong Xiaorou,”I want to train myself with weights. Get on my back.”

“What?” Tong Xiaorou was startled “Won’t you be very tired? I can walk on my own.”

“The more tired the better. Be a good girl, just do as I say, okay?” Jiang Cheng said.

“O-Okay.” Tong Xiaorou didn’t dare to retort and obediently climbed onto Jiang Cheng’s back.

“Wrap your arms around my shoulders or neck tightly. I’m going to start running,” Jiang Cheng warned. He couldn’t use his hands to support Tong Xiaorou since he needed to carry Yaya and hold his sword.

“Okay, got it,” Tong Xiaorou hurriedly wrapped her arms around Jiang Cheng’s neck. However, she was worried about choking him, so she didn’t hold him too tightly.

After Tong Xiaorou hugged him tightly, Jiang Cheng rushed out through the passage that had been cleared by the Terrawheeler and power armor. He didn’t need to explore slowly since they had already created a path.

Ahead of them were four to five thousand Wildlings. Knowing that they needed to catch up with the Terrawheeler, the Wildlings wouldn’t bother setting up traps and would prioritize speed. Jiang Cheng, being no fool, followed the tracks of the Terrawheeler’s mechanical legs to avoid any potential hazards.

After running for over an hour, he stopped to replenish their food and water supplies before continuing their journey. Due to long-term malnutrition, Tong Xiaorou and Yaya weighed less than 90 pounds combined. Despite carrying both of them, Jiang Cheng could still run a hundred meters in twelve seconds without exerting too much physical effort.

This training method proved effective in several ways. For one, it improved the digestion of food, and with sufficient food available, his thin frame was quickly filling out before their eyes.

The intense running under the scorching sun caused Jiang Cheng to sweat profusely, and the sweat had turned black. It was unclear whether it was due to the dust in the air or the impurities being expelled from his body. Nevertheless, he felt a sense of relief after sweating so much.

During this grueling process, Jiang Cheng noticed that the Light Green quality white shirt he had made was not affected by his sweat. It remained immaculately white. He wasn’t sure if it had a self-cleaning effect or if it was just dirt-resistant, but either way, it was a welcome discovery. He decided to make new clothes for Tong Xiaorou and Yaya when he had the chance. Even if they were just more dirt-resistant, it would still be a valuable asset in a situation where water was scarce.

[HP +0.1]

By the time the sun had set, Jiang Cheng had noticed a 0.1 point increase in his HP, a benefit of having sufficient food. Evolution required a considerable amount of energy, and the higher one aimed to go, the more energy would be required for each breakthrough. This meant he couldn’t stop searching for food, and so while running, Jiang Cheng kept an eye out for wild beasts.

Despite having 1,300 catties of bison meat in his Item Box, it was just a matter of time before he finished it all. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any beasts along the way. It was unclear whether they had migrated like the bison herd or were killed by the Wildlings.

‘My HP is now two point nine!’ Jiang Cheng felt happy and determined to collect more food that night to raise his level to level 11, which would increase his strength a bit more.

As he ran, Jiang Cheng caught up to the slowest group of Wildlings. Though these Wildlings walked slowly, they didn’t dare to stray too far from the Terrawheeler, unless they were unable to move. Jiang Cheng guessed that the Terrawheeler must not be far from there.

As the Wildlings laid their eyes on Jiang Cheng and the girls’ clean clothes, they couldn’t help but feel envious. Some even had thoughts of taking the clothes for themselves. But seeing Jiang Cheng sprinting with two girls on his back and still moving so fast, they quickly dismissed their ideas, afraid to mess with him.

As the sky grew dark and stars began to twinkle, Jiang Cheng finally caught up with the Terrawheeler, which had come to a stop. The Wildlings following the vessle were gearing up for work.

In the midst of the crowd, the family of three, tall and thin, looked around with anxious eyes. Suddenly, they spotted Jiang Cheng rushing toward them with the two girls on his back and arms, leaving them stunned for a moment before bursting with joy.

“Quick, he’s coming!” The tall and thin man hurriedly ran toward Jiang Cheng with his wife and child.

When Jiang Cheng saw the three of them again, he immediately stopped and looked at them expressionlessly.

The tall and thin man said very quickly, “Sir…my name’s Pan Wei’an. This is my wife, Liang Xin, and my son, Pan Xiao’an. My son and I can work, but my wife’s unwell and can’t do much. Can you let her follow you for a while? She won’t be a burden, and she won’t need any food or water.”

Pan Wei’an’s gaze was pleading, hoping that Jiang Cheng would lend a helping hand given the information they had provided earlier.

Liang Xin and Pan Xiao’an also looked at Jiang Cheng with hopeful eyes.

Although the Wildlings weren’t ones to trust others easily, they knew that Jiang Cheng was an Evolver who could get his hands on real food. He wasn’t someone who would resort to cannibalism. With no other options, they had to take this chance.

Jiang Cheng furrowed his brows but took a quick glance at Liang Xin, who was as skinny as a rake. After assuring himself that she posed no threat, he nodded his head and said, “I won’t provide her with food or water.”

Pan Wei’an was overjoyed. “Don’t worry, sir. Just let her follow you for the time being. We’ll think of a way to get her food. ”

“Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir.” Liang Xin said excitedly. At least she didn’t have to worry about being captured and eaten when her husband and children weren’t around.

Although she had almost no meat left on her body, and most people might not be able to bite her, those Wildlings who were really hungry would not care so much. They were a disgusting and desperate lot.

There were always those who sought to take advantage of the situation; a small number of Wildlings who refused to work for the Terrawheeler. God only knew what they were thinking.

Jiang Cheng looked at the distance between him and the Terrawheeler. Then, he looked around with the help of the starlight. Soon, he found a huge tree that was about five hundred to six hundred meters away from the Terrawheeler. “We’ll be under that tree. Come pick her up yourselves later.”

“Alright, don’t worry, sir. I won’t cause you any trouble. ”

Pan Wei’an happily said to his wife, “Follow him. We’ll pick you up when we’re done.”

“Okay, you guys have to be careful too,” Liang Xin said.

Jiang Cheng set Tong Xiaorou down and led the way toward the massive tree he had selected. Tong Xiaorou followed closely behind him while Liang Xin stayed three meters behind, not daring to get too close.

They soon arrived under the giant tree. It was slightly tilted, but it was huge. The lowest part of the tree was at least twenty feet in diameter, and a large number of dried roots hung down from the crown of the tree in all directions.

The roots of the giant tree were also dense and knotted, protruding from the ground. However, because of the tree’s decay, a thick layer of dead leaves covered the ground.

This location was far enough from the Terrawheeler and the other Wildlings who followed the Terrawheeler but were unwilling to work. Jiang Cheng and his group could be undisturbed here.

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