Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 33: Made A Fortune


A dense expanse of bones filled their eyes. These bones belonged to both humans and Darkbeasts, and they were piled up into a thick layer on the ground, causing this scene to seem extremely terrifying and mysterious.

Yang Ye frowned when he noticed these bones. This place is obviously not a nice place. Now that I and the white clothed woman have completely lost our cultivations, the situation is very bad!When he thought up to here, Yang Ye turned his head to look at the white clothed woman by his side, and when he noticed the woman’s brows were knit together tightly as well, his heart instantly sank. He said, “Even you’re unfamiliar with this place?”

When she heard Yang Ye, she glanced at him and said, “According to the records in the Sword Sect, Death Abyss is a place the Darkbeasts utilize to deter humans. All those humans that enter Death Mountain Range without permission would be killed by Darkbeasts, and then tossed down Death Abyss.”

When she spoke up to here, the woman swept the surroundings with her gaze and said in a low voice, “However, based on the situation here, it isn’t as simple as it seemed on the surface!”

Yang Ye went silent for a short while before he said, “Can we utilize a Transmission Talisman to notify the members of the Sword Set?”

The woman shook her head. She looked up slightly towards the scarlet red mist, and then her exquisite face revealed a wisp of a solemn expression as she muttered. “There’s a type of strange energy here, and it’s the energy of the Laws.”

When she spoke up to here, her eyes revealed a trace of yearning, and then she glanced indifferently at Yang Ye and said, “Don’t ask me what the Laws are because you wouldn’t understand even if I told you.”

You’re so amazing! But aren’t you still an ordinary person now!? Yang Ye smacked his lips and was slightly displeased in his heart. He originally intended to ask what the Laws were, yet now that the woman had spoken in this way, he could only give up on this thought.

Yang Ye stopped making opportunities for her to embarrass him. He withdrew the spatial ring he’d seized from Bloodhound earlier, and his Spiritual Energy swept through it. When he noticed the treasures within it, Yang Ye instantly revealed an overjoyed expression.

Just the Energy Stones within it were no less than 30,000, and besides the Energy Stones, there were around 20 plus treasures. Moreover, there was even a sword amongst these treasures.

Yang Ye instantly felt excited when he saw this sword because this sword was actually a Profound Rank sword. Even though it was only a low-grade Profound Rank sword, it was still at the Profound Rank! After all, even numerous Outer Court Disciples of the Sword Sect didn’t possess Profound Rank treasures!

However, besides this sword that was at the Profound Rank, the rest of the treasures were high-grade Yellow Rank treasures, and this caused Yang Ye to be slightly disappointed.

However, it wasn’t long before he wasn’t disappointed any longer. Because there were three scrolls within the spatial ring, and all of them were actually techniques. They were respectively a low-grade Profound Rank technique, Bloodthirst Slash, a high-grade Yellow Rank movement technique, Gale Steps, and a low-grade Profound Rank technique, Black Dragon Wave.

Yang Ye didn’t feel any reluctance with the presence of the woman, and he withdrew the thee scrolls. Right when he was about to look through them, the woman suddenly said, “Besides that Gale Steps, you can’t cultivate the other two techniques!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he asked. “Why? These are Profound Rank techniques!”

As if he’d thought of something, Yang Ye glanced suspiciously at the woman and said, “You wouldn’t have taken a liking to these two Profound Rank techniques, right?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye felt even more assured of its possibility the more he thought about it, and he’d unconsciously moved slightly away from the woman.

When she heard Yang Ye and noticed his actions, the woman’s eyelids twitched, and her chest suddenly rose and fell even more quickly. But in next to no time, she recovered her calm and said indifferently, “Do as you like. In any case, you ought to be able to escape the Ghost Sect and Sword Sect’s pursuit with your current strength!”

Yang Ye was stunned when he heard this. He could understand encountering the pursuit of the Ghost Sect, but why would the Sword Sect want to pursue him as well?

When he noticed that the woman didn’t seem to be lying, Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and said, “It’s only two low-grade Profound Rank. Is there any need for that?”

The woman originally didn’t intend to speak with Yang Ye. However, when she thought of how Yang Ye was a disciple of the Sword Sect, and it was very likely that he would become the leading figure of the Sword Sect’s future generation, she didn’t want Yang Ye to fall into the wrong path.

She went silent for a short while before she said, “The Sword Sect and the Ghost Sect are bitter enemies. So long as the members of the sects encounter each other, then they would usually enter into battle. If you cultivate the techniques of the Ghost Sect, then the disciples of the Sword Sect and Ghost Sect would definitely not let you off, and the Ghost Sect wouldn’t allow a member of the Sword Sect to cultivate their techniques. Most importantly, Bloodhand’s techniques require blood as a medium, and you’ll be utterly unable to cultivate its basics without killing around 10,000 people.”

Kill around 10,000 people? Yang Ye was slightly doubtful, so he opened the scroll and scanned through it. After he finished looking through the introductions of the two techniques, he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. Just as the woman had said, these techniques required blood as a medium, and if he intended to cultivate them to the level that Bloodhand had, then it would be utterly impossible to accomplish without killing a few tens of thousands of people!

He would kill, yet he would only kill those who offended him. As for killing to cultivate, he was unable to bring himself to do it.

In the end, Yang Ye gave up on these two techniques. On one hand, it was because he wasn’t able to get himself to kill so many people, and on the other hand, he would probably really suffer the pursuit of both sects once he cultivated it.

Even though Profound Rank techniques were great, his life was even more important!

When she noticed Yang Ye’s reluctant and unwilling expression, the woman grunted coldly and said, “It’s just two techniques. Do you have to be so reluctant? It isn’t like my Sword Sect doesn’t have any good techniques!”

When he heard this, Yang Ye was infuriated and said, “Can you not criticize? Do you know what I’ve cultivated? I’ve cultivated the sword sect’s basic cultivation technique and basic sword technique. The best technique I have, the Energy Split Sword Technique, was something I only obtained by luck, and it was the type that was copied by hand and didn’t contain any annotations. Do you think it’s easy for me?”

When she saw Yang Ye seem like an enraged bull, the woman ridiculed and said, “Isn’t it just techniques?”

As she spoke, her wrist flipped, and she tossed a scroll to Yang Ye as she said, “This is a mid-grade Profound Rank technique, Sword Qi Finger. When cultivated to an advanced state, the Sword Qi will be endless so long as Profound Energy remains.”

Yang Ye flushed red when the woman exposed him, yet he was extremely excited in his heart. Because this Sword Qi Finger was probably that technique the woman had utilized against Bloodhand during their final clash.

When he thought of the sword qi that covered the sky, Yang Ye was extremely excited, and he said, “Mid-grade Profound Rank! I have a Profound Rank technique as well….”

How could he not be excited? Even Outer Court Elders like Elder Qian didn’t possess mid-grade Profound Rank techniques!

Yang Ye’s eyes lit up when he unfolded the scroll and took a look. He raised his eyes to look at the woman and said, “Are these annotations yours?”

The woman glanced at Yang Ye yet didn’t speak a word.

Yang Ye didn’t get angry from this. He smiled and said, “Thank you!”

These words were heartfelt and sincere. Because Profound Rank techniques were extremely precious, yet this woman hadn’t hesitated to give it to him. Moreover, it was a technique that contained annotations. In other words, when he cultivated this technique in the future, he would definitely be able to obtain twice the results with half the effort!

“Take it as my repayment for saving me.” The woman spoke indifferently, and then she seemed to have thought of something and said, “Don’t utilize that bloody blade of Bloodhand’s.”

Yang Ye was stunned when he heard this. I’d almost forgotten that bloody blade.

With a flip of his wrist, the bloody blade appeared in his hand. As soon as it appeared, a strand of the pungent stench of blood assaulted him.

Yang Ye frowned, and he forcefully endured that stench of blood as he looked carefully at it.

The bloody blade in his hand was over a meter in length and around five fingers wide, and numerous skulls were inscribed on the handle. The blade was scarlet red in color as if it was forged from fresh blood, and when he scanned it carefully, Yang Ye realized that red liquid was actually flowing within this blade.

“That’s a mid-grade Profound Rank treasure.” The woman gazed at the bloody blade in Yang Ye’s hand, and she said in a low voice, “This is a treasure that can grow. Based on its current state, it ought to be able to advance into the top-grade of the Profound Rank after drinking the blood of a few tens of thousands of people.”

“Mid-grade Profound Rank?” Yang Ye’s eyes lit up. What a treasure!

Even though one’s cultivation realm was important in battle, techniques and treasures were similarly important.

When she saw Yang Ye’s eyes light up, the woman said in a low voice, “This bloody blade has killed countless disciples of my Sword Sect, so I’ll definitely kill you if you utilize it!”

Yang Ye’s smile was instantly restrained when he heard this, and he said, “Are you threatening me?”

His principle was that if others respected him, then he would respect others, and if others threatened him, then no matter who it was, he would take that person to be an enemy.

“So what if I am, so what if I’m not?” The woman gazed at Yang Ye as she spoke calmly.

Yang Ye put the bloody blade away and said, “If you are, then we’re enemies, and I’ll show no mercy to my enemies. Even if that enemy is a beauty or a disciple of the Sword Sect.”

As he finished speaking, Yang Ye had already aroused killing intent. There were many reasons for him to not kill the woman, but the reasons to kill her outweighed them. For example, the woman knew some of his secrets, and just this alone was sufficient reason for him to kill her. Not to mention that she’d even threatened him.

“You want to kill me?” The white clothed woman revealed a teasing smile.

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