You Have Everything I Dislike

You Have Everything I Dislike


22 Chapters Ongoing Status


I wanted to write a book, but I didn’t know what to name it, so I said to the third master, “I want to name the new book. Do you have any suggestions?”

Third Master, who was listening to that song at the time, did not even bother lifting his head before reciting the lyrics, “You’re totally my type.”

I thought the name didn’t sound too bad, just that it was a bit pretentious, so I said, “I want to name it from my perspective, not your point of view. The subject line should be clear. Also, when were you ever my type?!”

Third Master was quite aggrieved. “Oh…,” he weakly asked, “Then, you’re totally not my type?”

I stroked my chin and thought to myself, ‘That actually doesn’t sound bad.’ Right then, another very serious question popped into my mind. “But why am I still with you when you’re not even my type?”

Third Master was dumbfounded. Closing the computer, he came over to pat me on the head. “Don’t dwell over such complicated questions… Wanna eat durian? Shall I buy you some?”

My mood suddenly changed for the better and I exclaimed, “Wanna, wanna! Buy, buy, buy!”

Really, with just these eight words I can love him for another eight years.

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